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rather…attempts at poetry. Not much of a poet, I am.


Silence and darkness,
Eagerness and pain
Eyes held shut,
My search ends in vain.

Suddenly a din
Forces me to hear
The call of freedom,
The end of fear

Shall I tread this path?
I hesitate,
Can I break free, overcome?
Who knows to what end things will precipitate?



He sits inside
His own cocoon,
Surrounded by the gloom.
Pacific air
Makes him stare,
Right through the moon

Beyond, behold, lies an unseen light
Visible only to his eye.
Caressing his vision,
It envelops his canvas,
Painting his picture for him.

The Future

Standing by the window, I see
the urgency in your eyes
as you pick up little
pieces of plastic
and try to put them together

Plastic crayons
on the red carpet
ache for the touch of paper
and your interest
eyeing you

Up in the sky,
amoral saleable vultures ply
seeking agony, rapture, fame and lies
waiting, baiting
unsuspecting victims

Out in the street
damp yellow warnings from the sky
threaten a global downpour
plagued not
little puppets walk, talk, bicker; blinded

Then I see jubilation
as building blocks combine
To form dimples on your cheeks
I wonder, not aloud
“What’s in store for you?”